Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Makeover. . .

I decided that my bedroom needed a makeover. When we moved into the house 6 years ago (can't believe it has been 6 years!!) we decided we wanted color in our bedroom. After lots of searching Candy Apple Red won. And boy was it color. I loved it - for a while. This is what the red looked like:

Then, I found Faded Seafoam, a color by Ralph Lauren. And I loved it! But more than me loving it, Shane loved it. So, today was the day. My mom and I decided to tackle the red (fully expecting it to be a chore) But a coat of tinted primer (that stuff rocks!) and several hours later and this is what we got:

Lots of color still, which if you know me is important, but oh so much lighter and brighter. I still haven't hung stuff on the wall as of yet since the paint is still a little tacky but it's coming! I am in love with my room again! (*Please ignore the awful television sitting on the dresser. We are in the process of "updating" those also!)

I also decided to try making my own throw pillows with a great Anna Maria Horner fabric. I love this fabric and it matches absolutely perfect!


CalicoDaisy said...

Your room looks great! I love the AMH fabric on the pillow. I just got the Sketchbook design last month and can't wait to do something with that. I got it from my favorite fabric seller - www.pinkbypost.com. My room is a vintage blue, too, accented with brown and flax. The color is beautiful with wood accents.
-- Michele (another SC blogger)

Ben said...

I love it. That is the color I was going to paint my room, but am now leaving that up to the buyers. Once we get our house built, I will be sure to keep you busy with lots of pillows and drapes :)

Michelle said...

It looks so good. I can't wait to see it in person. It does look bigger. I love those colors. Great job.