Thursday, May 31, 2012

Change . . .

Wow!  Are you still there?  Do you still check this ole blog?  If so, just wanted to let you know I've changed my blog.  I am now blogging at  Stop by and visit!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My how time flies. . .

So, I am still out here! Things have been crazy busy lately and I haven't had much time for anything. Graduation (with my Master's degree +30, woooohoooo!) and a new classroom with all boys, all with Autism, has been, well . . . rather time consuming! I will say that I absolutely LOVE my job and LOVE those mentioned little boys. I hope to be back soon with some more creations!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Important Dates. . .

June 22 . . . I turned 34 (where has time gone?!?)

June 23 . . . turned in my LAST assignment for my Master's Degree (in Special Education)

June 30 . . . GRADUATION from Converse (with my Master's +30 hours above)

August 8 . . . I start my new job!!! Woo Hoo!! (I will be teaching 6, 7, and 8 year olds with moderate mental disabilities)

I am beyond the moon excited!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Project 2. . . Complete

So, I was really tired of looking at the cardboard box my cats had fallen in love with. They love to get in anything and the box was no exception. Since I have been in project mode I figured I might as well keep going. (That mood doesn't hit me often so when I does I have to run with it!!) I made my cats a simple bed / box with a pillow made from a drop cloth.

I didn't take any pictures during the process because it was extremely easy. I bought pre-cut boards for the front and back, and cut down a 1x4 for the sides. I wanted the sides a tiny bit shorter to make it easier for them to get into. Measured and attached a piece to the bottom and painted with a mistint sample (that I wound up loving!) Added 4 ball feet to the bottom for a little flair and a cute cat bed was finished.

Now, to see if they like this anywhere near as much as the cardboard box!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A $3.00 Makeover . . .

Another orange redo (technically it is a LaFonda Copper redo but . . .) This one is also in my living room and just adds another small pop of color. It is the same color I used on my tv stand redo (You can see that makeover here). This is an end table that my mom bought for me for $3.00. No handles, no color, and a top that, well, had seen better days. But I really liked the size and the drawers are great for more storage and it fit. Oh yeah, and it was cheap!!

Here is what it looked like before. Plain.

And the top that was in such "great" shape.

Using these supplies (that I already had on hand)

. . . I got a "new" end table. For only $3.00! (the cost of adding two new knobs) I love it!!

(You can see the post on the lamp makeover here)

*Several people have asked about the Gripper that I've used. It is a product made by Glidden that I buy at Home Depot. It is a primer and comes in white and grey. I hate, absolutely HATE, to sand anything and sometimes things aren't able to be sanded (laminate, etc.). You paint this right on the piece without sanding first and let dry according to directions. It adheres and the paint sticks right to it. One of my absolute favorite products!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheap, Simple, Practical. . .

Cheap = $1.00

Simple = paint

Practical = Organization



The hooks are great for extra keys and just enough to hold a bill or two!
My type of thrifty makeover!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just a Bit of Color . . .

Ok, so it's a lot of color! I have looked everywhere for a cabinet to put my television on. I wanted a piece of furniture, not just a "tv stand". (If you read between those lines it says that I not only wanted somewhere to put my television I needed some extra storage for some of my stuff). I finally found a dresser that I loved. Isn't the wonderful yellowish / white color with the gold trim just beautiful?!?

And, if you look really close, at the bottom you can see the lovely bow and flowers that are intricately added as detail and how nice and "clean" it was once the handles were removed. Although this piece was exactly the shape I wanted I have to admit it just wasn't quite what I had envisioned for my snazzy storage space to sit in my living room. No problem! First things first, goodbye bows and flowers! Just a little bit of filler did the trick. I primed it with Gripper (love this stuff - no sanding needed and it sticks great to slick surfaces). Then I painted it with the perfect shade of Yam from Martha Stewart. Only, it wasn't so perfect once painted. First off, the paint was really thin, definitely not my favorite paint, and the color was, well. . . yam. No so much what I had envisioned. I was so ready to get new paint and repaint that I forgot to take a picture of the not so lovely shade.

No more flowers or bows,

and it is now finished and sits so lovely and proud in my living room.

The color I finally ended up using was La Fonda Copper (the close up of the bottom detail shows the shade much closer to the true shade than the full picture) - exactly the shade of burnt orange I was looking for. I spray painted the original brass handles with ORB and now I am totally loving my new piece!

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