Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Sunday Afternoon Craft . . .

Well, I painted my front door black and I love it. The only problem is from the road it looks like a big. . . black . . . hole. It really just looks like there is no door. I love how it looks but it just needed something. I decided that I wanted to make a fall wreath and saw a square wreath on someone's blog (sorry, can't remember whose it was - would love to give credit so if it was yours please let me know!)

I didn't want to spend much money because I'm "frugal" like that - so my budget was $10.00. I bought 5 stems of leaves from the Dollar Tree (but only used 4), a roll of ribbon from the Dollar Tree, 6 picks from Michael's (4 at .59 each and 2 @ .99 each - in the Christmas section but great fall colors), and the cardboard I already had at home.

I simply cut my cardboard into a square"ish" shape and cut out the middle (trust me, I didn't measure and it is no where near a perfect square - but in the end it makes no difference). I pulled each of the leaves off of the stems and separated into colors (I am usually not that organized but felt the need to do that this time!) Then, I simply went around the board hot glueing on the leaves. I did find that the leaves on the top looked better when I cut the stem off of the leaves some so they wouldn't show. The ones underneath you can't see so I didn't take the time to do that, plus the plastic "veins" helped the leaves keep some shape. I am tickled with how it turned out.

It looks so good on the front door, you know. . . the front door you can now see!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting ready for fall . . .

I am so ready for fall weather! There is nothing better than a brisk autumn day with a cool breeze blowing. Also, I love to decorate for fall. I love the colors and the decorations that come along with the fall season. I made two very simple projects to sit around the house. Seeing these really gets me in the mood for fall!

A Simple Sign

A Simple Monogram

Hope you enjoy all fall has to offer!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Let the Chaos Begin. . .

So, school has officially gotten back under way. Both schools - where I work and where I go. I can't believe that I am working full time, taking 3 graduate classes, and doing an independent study. But, I'm almost at the end. Still looks like I will be student teaching in the spring.
I have had a good time crafting lately. Haven't done tons but have done a few things. I am still loving my Cricut and would recommend it to anyone contimplating the purchase. Here are some of the latest things I have made.

These first two are cake toppers or to be used for centerpieces at a party. The each measure about 5 inches and are attached to lollipop sticks to place on the top of the cake.

This is a favorite of mine - personalized trick or treat buckets. They can be made with names, initials, or words with ribbon and dots added. I have about 13 orders I am currently working on. Glad others thought they were cute, too!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I steal. . .

OK - before anyone calls my mom and tells her I have publicly proclaimed to stealing I should clarify. I don't steal things (nope, been back in the store several times to pay for the $0.25 pack of gum that has fallen in the bottom of the cart and I haven't paid for). I like to steal ideas - but I like to think of it as borrowing. But that's what blogging is for, right, to get new ideas. I definitely don't claim them as my own ideas (unless they are and those are few and far between). Good, now that we have that clarified, have a look at my newest "borrowed" idea. I have seen these in several posts on several different blogs - ok lots of posts on lots of different blogs. I like things that are inexpensive. I like spray paint. I like the color black. I like gorilla glue epoxy. I need one more thing in my house (ha! that's a joke but it fit in with the rest of my I statements . . . ) Anyway, here is one of my latest crafty projects - made with an old cheese dome and some type of ceramic candle holder thingy.


After the Epoxy:


Do I need it? Nope. Do I really have anywhere to put it? Nope. Do I love it? Yep. And in the end isn't that really what matters?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer, Summer, Summertime. . .

Today is Saturday. I finished 3, yes 3, classes yesterday. In 5 weeks. With lots of projects. It wasn't easy but its done. My next class starts on Monday - yep this coming Monday. No break for me! But that's ok - its what I need to do. Hopefully these next few weeks won't be nearly as stressful as I am only taking one class instead of three.
I have had a little bit of time for crafting - not a lot but I have managed to "play" some. Here are some of the newest paper creations I have been making. These are cute door signs or room hangers and are almost right at 7.5". (By the way, I love the Cricut my husband got me for Christmas!!)

These have been so much fun to make. I am adding to my etsy stores so check them to see what I've been up to! Hope you're having a super summer!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello . . . Anyone there?

Oh yes - I'm still here and doing fine. Just been busy - flat out busy. This semester in school (remember, I'm still working on my master's) had kicked my tail. I don't know why, but it seems this has been a hard semester for me to get things going. Or maybe that's the problem, I have too many things going. I like to get started on lots (you know, that good intention thing again) but don't seem to get a lot done. Currently the only projects I am working on are getting a new set of doors for the back, getting new fencing put up at the front of the house, redoing my laundry room into my crafting room, crafting like crazy, working full time, going to school and trying to keep my life in order. You know - just the basics! Ha! I have lots going on but that's the only way I know how to do things - dive in head first. Speaking of, I am so ready for summer vacation and the pool being warm enough to get in and relax. I plan on doing lots of that in between the 5, yes 5, classes that I am taking this summer. That's ok though, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's not quite a steady light yet but enough that I get a glimpse every now and then. . .

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Coolest . . .

You know, when I have a piece of advice that I think others may benefit from I like to share that information. Please note, that most advice comes from personal experience . . . this advice is no exception. When you are a recreational therapist with students who want to go to the gym to play basketball don't try to play in your dansko shoes (they are mighty comfortable but not the best on a slippery gym floor). You might be right in the middle of a great "one on one game" and your feet might slip out from under you. You might go down on both of your knees and then proceed to slide across the gym floor (imagine sliding into home base. . . you know Pete Rose style - if only we had been playing baseball!) You might be laughing really hard while trying not to cry because 7 5th graders just don't know quite what to say. You might realize that you have bruises on both of your knees the size of baseballs and the color of a plum. At this moment you might think you hate your job and can't believe you could be so clumsy. You might still be sitting on the floor trying to decide on whether you should try to get up or watch the game from the seated position and then you might hear, out of nowhere, a student yell . . .


. . . and you might just realize how much you really do love your job!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Corner Makeover . . .

I love to be organized - however it is something that I struggle with. Because . . . well, I like stuff - lots of stuff. And I like crafts - lots of crafts. And I like to make new stuff - lots of new stuff. All those "likes" add up to, well . . . lots of stuff! So, I am determined that I am going to have all of my crafting stuff organized. This is just the beginning. One end of the laundry room is e.v.e.n.t.u.a.l.l.y going to be my crafting area. For the time being, lots of my stuff has been stashed in the spare bedroom. I had a large computer armoire that housed my computer and lots of random stuff. It was pretty and all, but rather large. I decided that I wanted a small desk but couldn't find what I wanted. So what's a girl to do, build it herself (with the help of her awesome father-in-law and her superb husband). However, now that I've seen it completed I could do it myself. I don't have a lot of pictures and no "really before" photos but these two show the "kinda before" and the "after".

A simple piece of scrap plywood cut and attached to the wall using a few supports:

After adding trim moulding, simple large dowel legs, and a bed sheet folded in half and stapled underneath:

I now have a great little desk that fits perfectly in the corner and is wonderful. I love having a small work station!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Baskets . . .

Actually, these are Easter Baskets. But I figured titling (is that a word - is is spelled correctly?) a post "Easter baskets" during the 3rd week of January just sounded funny. I have been in the sewing mood lately and found a pattern that I used for Easter Baskets several years ago. I don't think I made any last year but enjoy making them so thought I would get an "early start". That's a first for me! I've already made 4 but have only photographed (if you call my feeble attempts photography) 2 so far.

Hope you've had a great week
and have a fun-filled, restful weekend planned!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Easy Gift . . .

I don't think I've mentioned on here that I got a Cricut from my hubby for Christmas. I have been talking about wanting one f.o.r.e.v.e.r. It was a nice surprise. I have had the best time playing with it. It will do so many things and I know I haven't even done a fourth of them! This is my latest . . . and I think they would make the cutest gifts. (In my opinion, just about anything personalized makes a cute gift!)

Know what this is?

Yep, you're correct . . . it is hand sanitizer in a decorated pump. These are so easy to make. I used my cricut to cut my vinyl letter and dots (but you could use rub-ons or stickers) and then added a bit of ribbon tied around the top. When empty, refill. This is going on my desk at school - I use this stuff quite often!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A new year, a new redo . . .

Happy 2010! I know it's late . . . I feel like that is the story of my life sometimes! Just a little late but here's to hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has had a great start to 2010. We have had both! I've feel like I have finally gotten back into the swing of returning to school and getting back into a routine. I enjoyed my time off but am glad to have a routine back.

You know I love to go to thrift stores, etc. and over break that was no different. My mom, myself and about 5 others wandered around all day visiting "discount" stores. It was so much fun and we all found some great deals. I have bought several things to redo (imagine - more stuff to add to my to do pile) and have gotten one of them done. I love how it turned out. I have no idea where it will go but I can't wait to put it out and use it.
I bought this not so lovely and wooden candle holder ($2.99). It was painted with an off white paint and had 4 "arms".

I also bought 4 small basic pyrex bowls ($.49 each) and a larger glass jar ($1.00).

I pulled out the nail in the top (I have no idea what it was originally there for) and then I spray painted the base black (free - I already had the spray paint) and used Gorilla Glue Epoxy (my new favorite glue - stinks but works great!) to attach the glass pieces. Tada . . . a very pretty glossy black candleholder! (For about $6.00 total).

I hope to get some more things completed soon. Enjoy 2010 and make it your best year yet!

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