Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I steal. . .

OK - before anyone calls my mom and tells her I have publicly proclaimed to stealing I should clarify. I don't steal things (nope, been back in the store several times to pay for the $0.25 pack of gum that has fallen in the bottom of the cart and I haven't paid for). I like to steal ideas - but I like to think of it as borrowing. But that's what blogging is for, right, to get new ideas. I definitely don't claim them as my own ideas (unless they are and those are few and far between). Good, now that we have that clarified, have a look at my newest "borrowed" idea. I have seen these in several posts on several different blogs - ok lots of posts on lots of different blogs. I like things that are inexpensive. I like spray paint. I like the color black. I like gorilla glue epoxy. I need one more thing in my house (ha! that's a joke but it fit in with the rest of my I statements . . . ) Anyway, here is one of my latest crafty projects - made with an old cheese dome and some type of ceramic candle holder thingy.


After the Epoxy:


Do I need it? Nope. Do I really have anywhere to put it? Nope. Do I love it? Yep. And in the end isn't that really what matters?


Jackie said...

Love it!

Michelle said...

Love this idea, can I steal it too?