Thursday, June 9, 2011

A $3.00 Makeover . . .

Another orange redo (technically it is a LaFonda Copper redo but . . .) This one is also in my living room and just adds another small pop of color. It is the same color I used on my tv stand redo (You can see that makeover here). This is an end table that my mom bought for me for $3.00. No handles, no color, and a top that, well, had seen better days. But I really liked the size and the drawers are great for more storage and it fit. Oh yeah, and it was cheap!!

Here is what it looked like before. Plain.

And the top that was in such "great" shape.

Using these supplies (that I already had on hand)

. . . I got a "new" end table. For only $3.00! (the cost of adding two new knobs) I love it!!

(You can see the post on the lamp makeover here)

*Several people have asked about the Gripper that I've used. It is a product made by Glidden that I buy at Home Depot. It is a primer and comes in white and grey. I hate, absolutely HATE, to sand anything and sometimes things aren't able to be sanded (laminate, etc.). You paint this right on the piece without sanding first and let dry according to directions. It adheres and the paint sticks right to it. One of my absolute favorite products!

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