Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Project 2. . . Complete

So, I was really tired of looking at the cardboard box my cats had fallen in love with. They love to get in anything and the box was no exception. Since I have been in project mode I figured I might as well keep going. (That mood doesn't hit me often so when I does I have to run with it!!) I made my cats a simple bed / box with a pillow made from a drop cloth.

I didn't take any pictures during the process because it was extremely easy. I bought pre-cut boards for the front and back, and cut down a 1x4 for the sides. I wanted the sides a tiny bit shorter to make it easier for them to get into. Measured and attached a piece to the bottom and painted with a mistint sample (that I wound up loving!) Added 4 ball feet to the bottom for a little flair and a cute cat bed was finished.

Now, to see if they like this anywhere near as much as the cardboard box!

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