Monday, March 2, 2009

A Snowy SC . . .

We don't get snow here in the Upstate of SC very often so when we do it's a BIG deal. Even a little snow here will shut down schools and empty the grocery store shelves of bread and milk. I am not a cold weather, snow kinda gal. As mentioned before I prefer the beach and the sunshine any day of the week. However, as it snowed here last night I couldn't help but to watch and notice the beauty of it all. It's so white and clean and so pretty this morning as the sun shines on it. As I measured (for my own curiosity - with the ruler from my rotary cutter no less) I must admit I was a little shocked at the total - 7 inches! I know, for some that is nothing but for us here down south that's a good bit of snow. I am enjoying my day off today since schools were cancelled and plan on spending a lot of time indoors. Enjoy your day, wherever you may be and revel in the fact that its a beautiful Monday!

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